DiPierro makes good first impression highlighting need for opiod committee - DiPierro Committee

DiPierro makes good first impression highlighting need for opiod committee

DiPierro makes good first impression highlighting need for opioid committee

By: Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

Newly minted City Councilor Anthony DiPierro got his career in elected office off to a good start Monday night, when a couple of resolutions he sponsored got both support and praise from his colleagues on the council. Monday night’s agenda was light on heavily debated issues, which only made DiPierro’s pair of resolutions standout even more. In the biggest news of the night, DiPierro actually asked his colleagues to refer his original motion back to him, so that he can re-introduce the measure at the next meeting in two weeks as an order, and have the Council take its own action. DiPierro’s original thought was to have the Council vote to ask the Mayor to establish a committee “to explore what other cities and towns are doing to tackle the opioid epidemic and make suggestions that will allow us to fight addiction smartly and proactively.” “This is not an issue that just effects homeless people,” said DIPierro. “It effects mothers, fathers, families and we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, I want us to take a look around to see what other cities are doing and let’s figure out what we can do to help stop the opioid situation right

“I commend the young councilor for bringing this issue forward, it is something that we really need to do as a city,” said Councilor Rosa DiFlorio. DiFlorio’s praise was echoed by other members of the Council as well. “This is something we need to adopt as quickly as possible,” added Councilor Michael McLaughlin.

Prior to the meeting, DiPierro discussed the issue with another member of the Council and learned that instead of sending it to the Mayor, the Council could take action and establish its own committee. That was when he decided to request that his resolution be referred back to him. “Obviously, this is a very important issue for me personally,” said DiPierro after the meeting. “I talked during the campaign about my own experiences with opioid addiction in my family and this is something I will be taking very seriously."

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