Latest news from Anthony DiPierro - candidate for city council in Everett.

Everett Police Superior Officers Endorse Councilor Anthony DiPierro’s Re-Election

City Councilor Anthony DiPierro has been formally endorsed by The Everett Police Superior Officers Association (NEPBA Local 95) for his re-election as Everett’s Ward Three City Councilor. The elected board representing all Supervisors within the Everett Police Department unanimously voted to endorse DiPierro’s candidacy; solidifying his relationship and support for Everett’s public safety community. Continue reading

DiPierro Continues Vigorous Campaign for City Council Seat

Taking nothing for granted, Ward Three City Councilor Anthony DiPierro has been campaigning hard throughout the Ward since the early summer. DiPierro has canvassed the city annually since first being elected city-wide in 2015. Despite this election being voted for solely by Ward Three, not much has changed for DiPierro. “I first ran for City Councilor in 2015 because I have always felt that public service is a concrete way to give back to your community”, said DiPierro. “Since then, I have enjoyed spending my summer nights on the doorsteps of my constituents because taking the knowledge you learn on the doorsteps back to city hall is how you make government work for all. That’s what I’ve done and that’s what I’ll continue to do” he added. Continue reading

DiPierro Garners Local Labor Union Support

Ward 3 City Councilor Anthony DiPierro has announced the endorsements of several local labor organizations for his re-election campaign this week. To date, his campaign has received the support of The Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589, Laborers Local 22, I.B.E.W Local 103, Carpenters Local 328, Heat & Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local 6, Iron Workers Local 7, Pipefitters Local 537, and Roofers Local 33. Continue reading

DiPierro to seek re-election as Ward 3 Councilor

Anthony DiPierro has officially announced his intention to seek another term as Everett’s Ward 3 City Councilor. DiPierro made the official announcement on Facebook this past Sunday evening. Nomination papers will become available at 8:00AM next Monday, May 17th at which time DiPierro will take out papers for re-election.   "I am so grateful for the trust and confidence the voters of Everett have placed in me over my first few terms in office," DiPierro said. "I've worked hard to be your voice of reason on the City Council and I look forward to ensuring your needs continue to be met by City Hall," he added. Continue reading

DiPierro Named as Temporary President With Eight Votes

By Seth Daniel for The Everett Independent  With Council President Wayne Matewsky still recovering from health challenges, the City Council took the cautionary step to vote Councilor Anthony DiPierro in as President Pro Tempore – with DiPierro getting eight votes from his colleagues to lead the body until Matewsky can return. On Monday night, with Matewsky still in tough condition from a major heart attack he suffered while in Florida last month, Councilor DiPierro put a piece on the agenda calling for the election of a Pro Tempore.   Continue reading

Everett Councilors Say Federal Delegation Wasn’t Paying Attention in American Rescue Plan

By Seth Daniel for The Everett Independent Several City Councilors on Monday night lambasted the federal delegation for being “asleep at the wheel” and not fully advocating for full funding for Everett and Chelsea in the American Rescue Plan – with millions more in aid going to affluent communities like Newton while Everett and Chelsea got far less.   Continue reading

City to request preferential treatment when a COVID-19 vaccine is released for distribution

By Jessica Kergo for The Everett Advocate EVERETT - Next week, Ward 3 Councilor Anthony DiPierro will propose that Everett, through Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s office, lobby Governor Charlie Baker’s administration for preferential treatment when a COVID-19 vaccine is released for distribution. Local leaders like DiPierro are hoping that Baker’s administration will recognize Everett’s unique and intense struggle combating the spread of COVID-19. “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no,” said DiPierro. “So I hope we can have this conversation and see if there’s any possibility.” Continue reading

City Council approves sizable decreases for residential and commercial tax rates

By Christopher Roberson for The Everett Advocate EVERETT - The City Council, during its December 7 meeting, voted unanimously to approve a new residential tax rate of $9.87 per $1,000 and a new commercial rate of $23.20 per $1,000 for fiscal year 2021 (FY21). The residential rate represents a decrease of 77 cents from FY20 while the commercial rate represents a decrease of $1.52. The new rates also represent the maximum tax shift of 1.75 percent from the residential side to the commercial side. Continue reading

Everett may soon follow in Malden’s footsteps to implement a citywide speed limit of 25 mph

By Jessica Kergo for The Everett Advocate EVERETT - Next week, the Everett City Council will discuss making a request that the Traffic Commission implement a citywide speed limit of 25 mph, similar to a measure Malden took last month. Local leaders have been hearing safety concerns with regard to speeding on Everett roads for years. “It’s something I’ve been working on for a while now” said Ward 3 Councilor Anthony DiPierro. “30 mph is fast for a city like Everett,” he said, noting the city’s dense population and abundance of side roads. “The Traffic Commission is fantastic,” she said. “Sargent Gaff will meet with constituents to hear their concerns and he’s very receptive,” she explained. Councilor DiPierro will introduce his citywide speed limit measure during his upcoming city council meeting on Monday December 14th. Continue reading

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Being a city councilor is a great honor and I take pride in representing the people of Everett. Each day I strive to work with my colleagues to maintain meaningful representation for each member of the community I love and call home. Four years ago, I made my first run for political office, campaigning on the idea of bringing civility and a common sense leadership style to the city council chambers. When I served as President of the Council in 2017, I fostered a respectful working environment and sought to maintain harmonious relations with every member of city government.  Continue reading