Mayor DeMaria, local leaders, unions and neighbors announce support for DiPierro. - DiPierro Committee

Mayor DeMaria, local leaders, unions and neighbors announce support for DiPierro.

ADP_Endorse.JPGWard 3 City Council Candidate Anthony DiPierro announced a slew of endorsements from local leaders and unions to add to the broad support he has earned from a summer knocking on doors all over Everett.

Included in the endorsements are Mayor Carlo DeMaria, former Everett Mayor David Ragucci, several former city councilors, and unions representing thousands of hard-working Everett residents, including Teamsters Local 25 and Carpenters Local 218.

Pictured above- Anthony with many current and former elected officials in Everett at his campaign kickoff

Calling him “part of a new generation of leaders in our city”, Mayor Carlo DeMaria said he was proud to endorse Anthony, adding that he was impressed by the strong work ethic Anthony was showing in his campaign for city council.

“Anthony spent the entire summer talking to voters on their doorsteps, listening to their ideas and their concerns. I know from experience how important personal interaction with residents is. Bringing the knowledge you learn from the neighborhoods to city hall is how you make government work for everyone”, said DeMaria.

Former Mayor David Ragucci also praised DiPierro, calling him “a principled, energetic leader who will fight hard for what he believes is right, but will always be civil and respectful to his colleagues. Anthony is the kind of person I’d be proud to call my city councilor.”

Teamsters Local 25 also endorsed Anthony with President Sean O’Brien saying “we are proud to support Anthony as we believe he understands the importance of worker rights, fair wages and the benefits of union membership.” The Carpenters Local 218 also endorsed Anthony with enthusiasm. “We believe Anthony will have a strong voice for organized labor, along with an open door policy with respect to his constituents”, said Richard Pedi, business representative for Local 218.

“I am honored to have received the support I have from people who work every day to make Everett a great place to live. I plan on working as hard as I can over the next seven weeks to talk to as many voters as I can and to earn their votes on Tuesday, November 3rd. ”

The following is a partial list of Anthony’s endorsers:

 Mayor Carlo DeMaria * First Lady Stacy DeMaria * Former Mayor of Everett David Ragucci * Ward 2 Councilor Stephen Simonelli * Former Ward 1 Councilor Ken Giannelli * Former Ward 3 Councilor Tom Ciulla * Former Ward 3 Councilor Dave Rodrigues * Former Ward 4 Councilor Phil Colameta * Former Ward 4 Councilor DJ Napolitano * Former Ward 4 Councilor Dominic Puleo * Former Ward 4 Councilor Adam Ragucci * President of the Everett Teachers Assocition Kim Auger * Bussinessman Alfred Lattanzi * Teamsters Local 25 * Asbestos Workers Local 6 * Plumbers and Gas Fitters Local 12 * Building Wreckers Local 1421 * Carpenters Local 218 * Painters & Allied Trades District Council #35

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